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What is Home Health Care?
How Does Home Care Work?
How Can I Get Home Care Services?
How Much Do Home Care Services Cost?
Who Pays For Home Care?
How Do I Choose a Home Care Agency?
Who is a Caregiver?
How does LaLa HCS select and train its employees
What if I don't like my attendant?
Are these replacement services for my private duty nurse?
What is Personal Assistant Service (PAS) / Personal Care Services (PCS) ?
How do I know if my loved one qualifies for these services?
Who provides the services?
How do I get the process started?
What if more than one person in the home needs PAS?
How many hours do I get?
How long does it take to get admitted?
How long will I have the services?
Can someone living n my home do the service hours?

Does my Home Health agency need to obtain certification?

Most Home Health agencies operating in the United States today have obtained, or are working to obtain, their Medicare Certification. This enables agencies to provide care to Medicare recipients and receive reimbursement for services through that program. Agencies that are not certified to do so are not able to receive monies from the Medicare program for services they have rendered.

In addition, many agencies will seek the certification of the State Medicaid program, for reasons similar to why they’d seek Medicare certification.

If an agency only seeks to provide care to private insurance patients and/or patients who are able to pay out of pocket certification is not a requirement.

What is the difference between Home Health Care and Hospice Care?

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While both Home Health and Hospice Care provide comprehensive care for the needs of a patient within his/her home, the difference is the care focus.

Home Health Care focuses on patient rehabilitation and medical management in order to improve a patient’s medical condition. Hospice Care focuses on supporting patients who are terminally ill, providing comfort measures to assure the patient’s comfort and quality of life.  Home Health and Hospice services are sometimes referred to as “Homecare.”

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