In 2012, we decided to start LaLa Health Care Solutions, (LaLa HCS) with the sole focus on changing the lives of under-served medically fragile families, caseworkers, and caregivers. We believe that due to this unwavering focus, LaLa HCS has grown rapidly in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. Our growth is a testament to our dedication to our families and employees — and we’re just getting started.

We keep our operations centralized out of two offices in the DFW area. This enables us to streamline communication with our valued families as well as to our Nurses and Attendants in the delivery of services to our patients and families. Our humble beginnings allowed us to start from the bedside of the kiddos we care for and riding along with our trusted caregivers. Our perspective of the business is not that of a major healthcare corporation but that of a hometown business that knows and truly cares about our families and the communities we serve.