Adult Care

LaLa HCS entered adult care when our pediatric patients starting to age out of the other Programs. Every family that transitions from caring for a “child” to  caring for an “adult” understands how challenging this time can be. As a matter of fact,  as our medically fragile children age and require more specialized care, our ‘healthcare system’ does not  follow the same path of progression. At 21 years of age, many Medicaid programs become unavailable to our “grown up kids” even though their needs have not changed.

We understand the importance of continuity of care in this critical time. We are committed to offer you the resources you need for your loved one’s smooth transition to adulthood. You can count on us!

LaLa HCS specializes in high acuity care to medically fragile patients in need of long term care.

LaLa HCS serves Medicaid patients enrolled into the COMP/NOW Waiver, and Private Insurance or Private Pay.

LaLa Home Health Care provides respite care and related services for the families of children and young adults with special needs across our service area in Texas.  Respite and adjunct services are provided by nurses or attendants in the comfort of your own home and delivered in hourly shifts.  LaLa(HCS) assigns an RN Case Manager to each of our clients to ensure the best possible management of your child’s care. We work through the MDCP and Star+Plus programs.
Respite care is a service that provides temporary relief from caregiving to a child’s primary caregiver during the times when the care support is needed by the primary caregiver. This means that respite nursing or attendant care can be provided at any time that a parent/caregiver is not working or in school and during a time in which the child is not in daycare or school. 
Respite caregivers cannot work in conjunction with providers of other services. Respite is intended to provide relief to caregivers so they may do things that they may not be able to do otherwise, for example; grocery shopping, caring for other children, taking a nap, or going on a date.
  • Bathing/Showering
  • Bathroom activity (supporting continence)

  • Grooming
  • Walking and transferring (ex: moving from bed to wheelchair)

  • Dressing

  • Feeding assistance

  • Communicating regularly with your larger healthcare team (through our caregiver & client care team communications)

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing visit is not a full nursing shift unlike private duty nursing. An RN or LPN/LVN will come to the home to administer medications, clean dressings, and check certain vital signs, along with other similar nursing procedures. Depending on the care needed and the physician orders, a patient may receive multiple visits a day or just a few each week.While both Home Health and Hospice Care provide comprehensive care for the needs of a patient within his/her home, the difference is the care focus

Respite Nursing
Sometimes the responsibilities of being a caregiver overshadow other aspects of life. If you need time for personal care or other family members, to reduce stress, or catch up on rest or other activities, LaLa Healthcare Solutions can provide respite care during these times. Respite care allows you to be a caregiver for your family member, but also receive support when you need it. Home Health Care focuses on patient rehabilitation and medical management in order to improve a patient’s medical condition. Hospice Care focuses on supporting patients who are terminally ill, providing comfort measures to assure the patient’s comfort and quality of life. Home Health and Hospice services are sometimes referred to as “Homecare.”


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