Pediatric Care

LALA HCS provides private duty nursing (PDN) in the patient’s home. Our nurses are trained to be pediatric home health professionals. Training is provided with our partner Parker’s Room Training Lab (let the be a link to Parker’s Room website.

We specialize in taking care of patients who are ventilator dependent, Tracheostomies (Trach), Gastrostomies (G-button), and Central Venous Line (CVL) just to name a few but not limited to. We match patients to the skill level of the nurse.

  • New ventilator-dependent patients

  • New tracheotomy patients

  • Patients dependent on other device-based respiratory support, including tracheostomy care, suctioning, and oxygen support

  • Patients who are chronically ill and who require extensive skilled nursing care to remain at home

  • Patients who require prolonged intravenous nutrition or drug therapy with needs beyond those covered by Home Infusion Therapy services

World Class Care

LaLA Home Health Care (LaLaHCS) carefully screens our caregivers to ensure they are knowledgeable, skilled, experienced,  trustworthy, and reliable. We don’t hire anyone who we wouldn’t want to care for our own family members.


Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00


Lala HCS focuses on assisting family caregivers through our professional respite care services.  At LaLa HCS, it is the “personal connection” that means so much in these situations and each caregiver who serves as a personal care assistant is committed to honoring each client’s health, dignity, and concerns for privacy and respect.

Our LALA nurses, Mariam not only help us to get settled in but also provided much needed support to an inexperienced and scared mother. When she said, we’re not just nurses. We’re family.”
Helena M. LaLa Mom
Daniel has received the best nursing care that he’s ever had since we have our LaLa nurse  in my home. It really means a lot to have a skilled nurse who cares about my son.”
DIANE , LaLa Mom

My child’s progress has been amazing since we started receiving LALA nursing services. You can see the change in his eyes. What this means to him and our family is worth more than words can say.

ROSE J. LaLa Mom

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LaLa Healthcare Solutions (“LaLa HCS”) provides professional caregivers that are specially trained in all of the best procedures for delivering home care assistance for special needs children. This includes services such as bathing a child in bed, managing incontinence, assisting with mobility, eating, grooming, and even mild cognitive impairment and more.