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Parker’s Room Training Lab

The goal of Parker’s Room Lab is to provide structural training with specific CEUs to train nurses to become home health pediatric nurses. From seasoned nurses to new graduates, our lab will provide the experience needed to work independently in the home health setting.

Parker’s Room Lab utilizes state-of-the-art equipment commonly found in patients’ homes and Gaumard’s Pediatric HAL simulation doll to establish training standards. Our Clinical Educator can simulate an infinite amount of real-life patient scenarios to educate all nurses. We ensure proper guidance and support to practice their skills in a safe, controlled environment.

New Graduates

Parker’s Room Lab exists to break the stigma that new graduates don’t possess the experience necessary to work in one-on-one care within the home. Once onboard with LaLa, new nurses will attend a week-long intensive training course wherein they become a LaLa Certified Home Health Nurse. We ensure that new nurses gain the expertise and confidence with our lab to work in the home!

Seasoned Nurses

Before assignment in the field, nurses are checked off by our clinical team in the lab where they verbalize and demonstrate existing skills.

This process ensures we find the best nurse suited for our patient’s needs. Our lab also offers extended courses that provide specific, state-certified CEUs to help home health pediatric nurses learn and hone a variety of skills, including G-Button, Tracheostomy, Ventilator, and Central Venous Line.


Texas-based schools are invited to enroll students at Parker’s Room Training Lab to complete clinical hours and preceptorships.

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